Thursday 19 April 2018

Wartime at Woolworths - books!

Hello there!

With just two weeks to go to the publication of Wartime at Woolworths life is beginning to get rather hectic. I have a busy schedule with talks, book signings, a celebration for publication day and an extra special launch event – more of that later!

So what’s this book about? Wartime at Woolworths finds Sarah, Maisie and Freda at the beginning of 1943 and Maisie is now a mother. This has made her start to think about her own parents and brother and she starts to dream of them meeting her own daughter. With a small clue to their whereabouts and some help from her boss, Betty she heads off to Bethnal Green, in the East End of London, to find them with Freda by her side. Anyone who knows what happened in Bethnal Green in March 1943 will know the girls are heading into danger…

The other day a rather large box arrived on my doorstep. Inside I found my author copies of Wartime at Woolworths – always such an exciting time to be able to touch and smell these extra special paperbacks. Again the wonderful People’s Friend magazine recommends my book. Isn’t that nice of them? I just had to take a photograph!

Box of Books!

I plan to have lots of competitions to celebrate Wartime at Woolworths so keep an eye on this blog and my Facebook author page so you can join in and hopefully win a prize. You’re not a follower of my author page? Please use the link below to see the page and click ‘like’ and ‘follow’ to keep in touch. We love to chat and it would be wonderful to chat with you too.

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Elaine xx